The Team

Sean Sibbet

Technology has been the central theme of Sean’s life since he got his first TRS-80 computer at age 10. Sean’s belief in the value of technology has grown him into an evangelist for it. This fuels a passion to find ways for others to realize the same benefits that he has enjoyed in his life, through its application.

Alin Albu

Alin leads development of our custom gesture control systems. This role includes designing human interaction models and project oversight. Alin brings his years of experience in software development to the table, along with his love for finding elegant solutions to complex mathematical problems.

Marco Pasqua

Marco believes that anything is possible when you invest the right kind of energy and creativity. He’s been involved with a number of organizations as a spokesperson, helping to spread advocacy for persons with disabilities across Canada.

Rory Callaghan Cullen

Rory is a balanced mix of real world explorer and video game master. At Reality Controls, Rory takes project design documents and turns them into powerful databases, wrapped in user interfaces that just “make sense” to both novice and expert users.