We worked with OMS3 LLC on this tiny, yellow keyfob, to enable automatic locking and unlocking of any Windows (7,8 or 10) computer based on your proximity. Walk up to your computer, and it will automatically log you in without the need to press a single key. Step away to refill your coffee, and your computer will lock, protecting your work.

Each machine on your network can be registered to an Azure Cloud hosted web management console, where you may link keys to local and Active Directory accounts on any computer running the client service.

Management of access to your computers has never been easier – and this is just the beginning of the LifeControl ecosystem!

The Human Trainer® X-50 Program

HumanFit Solutions chose Reality Controls to develop the web application for their video based home fitness training program.

The Human Trainer® X-50 Program enables the trainee to choose from three methods of subscription: 50 days of scheduled program, one-time pay per video, or monthly recurring all-unlocked. Reality Controls created a bespoke video management system to protect the security of the content, while meeting the combined needs of these three methods.

Progression is tracked through body measurements and photographs, stored at points throughout the challenge program, with results visible with graphs and logs.

Visit to learn more (and get fit!)

The Doctor’s Assistant

A group of Doctors contacted us with a problem: removing their gloves during a procedure, to control their MRI viewer, meant significant time spent re-sterilizing themselves after each look at the scans. Motion control of the software, using the Microsoft Kinect, looked like the obvious answer. Using the new Kinect v2 and it’s revolutionary improvement in precision, we designed a bespoke single handed control system which enabled the Doctors to manipulate complex 3D body scans, while still holding their medical instruments. Additionally, we added accurate voice control, on-screen annotation, magnification and screen capturing. The end result, two new applications: PC Assistant and Doctor’s Assistant, to make hands free control of your Windows computer easier than ever!

Visit OMS3 to learn more and purchase Doctor’s Assistant.

“We have found a gem in Reality Controls. They have a wealth of programming knowledge and are experts in anything Microsoft! They hit every mark they set and have exceeded our expectations on every project we have given them. We feel like we have a real partner in this company and plan to keep them very BUSY!”

Sean M. Wild

CEO, PennOMS, OMS3, OMS3D, and OMS Solutions

Water Park Motion Control

“When we needed to integrate motion controls into our latest project, we turned to Reality Controls for their expertise. Working with them was fantastic and simple — these guys know their stuff! They were able to jump onto our large, complicated project and deliver top-quality work, thoroughly documented, at a competitive cost, and all comfortably within the tight schedule we laid out. We couldn’t ask for a better team to work with!”

Evan Yates

Producer & Design Lead, Victory Square Games


We work with the Collaborative Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CARIS) Laboratory at the University of British Columbia to create stroke rehabilitation software. The FEATHERS Play application enables control of Facebook applications with the Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Move, as a means of therapy for recovering strength and dexterity in stroke affected arms. The project includes two components: Control of the mouse by monitoring movement of both patient’s hands, and a Facebook application for sharing rehabilitation game results with the therapist.

Worldwide Education Fair

The Worldwide Education Fair enables students to visit and learn about the suitable schools at their destination, in one curated online experience. Students are able to speak with school representatives and access promotional material, then start the registration process for each school they are interested in.

“There is a genuine problem. Students cannot get all the education they need, from websites, to choose an international school. Reality Controls has proven to be the best development partner choice. They have repeatedly demonstrated their dedication to my vision and willingness to share their experiences to help my achieve it.”

Jamil Bashir

Managing Director, J N S Education

Virtual Combat Simulator

We created our Control:Surround system for this motion controlled combat fitness simulator, enabling tracking when the user is standing in a fight ready position. The motion system is augmented by an in-house developed force feedback suit, which communicates hits and strikes to the wearer during play. The custom hardware we created for this system inspired us to make haptics systems available as part of our project service offerings.


Our first retail product, control:mapper brings motion control to most existing Windows applications. Map keyboard and mouse controls to gestures, body motions and voice commands for a natural user experience.

Visit the control:mapper website to learn more, and download a free trial.

Save Your Brain

We attended Hacking Health at The Center for Digital Media. Our project, Save Your Brain, was created for stroke rehabilitation. Players shoot zombies by pointing at monsters which appear randomly on the screen. The goal was to monitor patient progress through reaction times. This is our first project controlled with the Leap Motion near-field sensor.

The end result: We won the “Best for Patient” award.

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