We couldn't wait to get our hands on a Microsoft Hololens, so we did the next best thing: Built our own - The Holoculus The Holoculus is: 1. Oculus VR DK2 2. Stereolabs ZED camera 3. Unity3d v5.1.3 4. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 5. Gobs of custom C# and C++ code to...

TEDx Talk Intro

The preview introduction to our TEDx Stanley Park talk on Motion Control for Accessibility.

Q.U.B.E. with Control:Mapper

In this example, we use the mouse for looking, left and right button for activate/deactive, feet for forward/back and side movement, and legs for jumping. The animation lag of the hands when activating is a property of the game, not the video or Kinect.

Relative Mouse Mode

Control your mouse in Windows applications using your Kinect! Our unique system offers the precision needed to roll over and select small desktop buttons. To activate mouse mode, raise your hand to either side of your face (depending on which hand you which to use as...

MS Flight and Kinect

In this video, I demonstrate combining gestures, Kinect mouse control and voice commands to take off in Microsoft Flight. Controls Feet: - stepping forward and back to control throttle - side-step to control rudder Mouse: - directional motion of the plane - the "X" is...

Guild Wars 2 with Kinect

Marco Pasqua and Sean Sibbet demonstrate easy of access to games with complex controls, like Guild Wars 2, with Control:Mapper and the Microsoft Kinect motion sensor.

AbleGamers Interview

The first interview, after which Marco was so enthusiastic about our work, he joined the Reality Controls team! Marco: Cool. So hey Sean it's good to finally be at your headquarters here for Reality Controls. At AbleGamers we are always looking for new and innovative...

HootSuite Drag Racing

Have you ever dreamed of flying through the sky, like a bird? How about drag racing as an owl? Alin and Angel flap furiously to see who hoots fastest with this addictive (and exhausting) Kinect game we made.

Virtual Dressing Room

Reality Controls Inc. creates commercial motion control software. Our core technology is the Adaptive Motion Control System, which continuously fine tunes the response to user actions. This results in more precise control to suit each individual's gesture and motion....

Maker Faire Live

A visitor to our Maker Faire booth, experiencing our Networked Virtual Room demo with another participant.

Virtual Show Home

An advancement of our Maker Faire demo, using the second generation Kinect v2 for Windows in an AutoCAD prepared 3D home simulation.

Maker Faire Demo

On our second trip to the Vancouver Maker Faire, we created this social virtual reality space, where two participants (on opposite sides of our display) interacted using the Kinect and large screen televisions.

Save Your Brain

We used the Leap Motion to make this demo of reaction time testing for patients with brain trauma. Our goals are to reduce travel time costs and improve patient engagement.

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