Control:Surround - 360 Degree Motion Tracking

360 Degree Real Time Human Tracking

Time of flight motion tracking cameras, like the Microsoft Kinect, work best when you are standing parallel to the lens. This is great for many application, such as using body movements to control a mouse or user interface on the screen.

When you are not facing the camera directly, the Kinect has a harder time finding the human shape in its field of view. Its estimates of your body position are much less accurate, which results in lower quality data for application control or body analytics.

The Control:Surround Platform

Reality Controls created unique system for overcoming this obstacle, enabling you to stand in any direction within the viewing area, and know that your body motion will be reliably tracked.

Our system, the Control:Surround platform, analyzes motion data coming in from two, three or four sensors in real-time, selects the information which it feels best represents your current body position, and passes that information along to the application.

The result is a motion tracking system which enables you to not only stand off-axis from cameras, but turn a complete 360 degrees – in real-time, without the application “losing” you!

Your Own Holodeck

Virtual Reality is fun with a single screen. Our Maker Faire Demo enabled you to walk around in a virtual world, interacting with other people on the Internet, each with their own motion tracking system.

Add multiple screens, completely surrounding you, and the Control:Surround platform enables you to look all around you in a natural, realistic way. No longer do you have to turn your body to rotate the on-screen camera – you can turn your head or whole body and interact with the virtual environment around you.

This works great with virtual reality head mounted displays, where the Control:Surround platform is able to continuously track your full body movement as you turn.

Add Life To Your World

Whether you need a complete application, or want to integrate surround motion tracking with your existing system, contact Reality Controls now to learn more about the Control:Surround platform.

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