Control:Haptics - Wearable Computing

Haptics: Force Feedback

The world of haptics already surrounds us. Our controllers vibrate in concert with the game environment. Our mobile phones buzz in different ways to tell us whether we have a call, text message, or calendar event upcoming.

Reality Controls takes this further, by building bespoke wearable haptic devices which enable your application to communicate with you in a natural way that we as humans understand.

Control:Haptics wearable technology is available as part of a complete Reality Controls solution, or an addition to your existing application.


Motion control gives us computer interaction without wires. Control:Haptics uses high speed Bluetooth communications to bring the same wire-free world to wearable computing.

Haute Couture

Each Control:Haptics system includes in-house designed wearable components, for a fit that perfectly suits your application.


The last thing you want is for your wearable devices to smell like a hockey equipment bag. Reality Controls designs each Control:Haptics device to enable easy removal (and replacement) of the hardware component from the clothing. Throw it in the wash, and you are ready for your next session!

Add Feeling To Your World

Whether you need a complete application, or want to integrate wearable computing with your existing system, contact Reality Controls now to learn more about Control:Haptics technology.

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